Prichard Copywriter in Alabama

How to Write Effective SEO Copy That Will Convert Visitors to Customers

The Prichard Copywriter is Sales and Development Specialist working for Ketchum, an advertising agency in downtown Portland, Oregon. He works with the firm that represents the Copywriters on their behalf. His duties include increasing conversion rates on the Copywriter’s client’s website.

Technical writers for Copywriters in the same agency also use a variety of methods to increase sales. They are often technical in nature, using web page software to develop a presentation of the product or service, and then converting that presentation into copy for the purpose of advertising. Their primary responsibility is to drive traffic to the site by increasing conversion rates on the client’s website.

One of the ways they do this is through SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a technical skill, which increases conversion rates dramatically. One of the keys to SEO success is to develop relevant, targeted keywords that draw traffic from the search engines. SEO professionals must also learn how to write compelling sales copy. It is no secret that a compelling sales copy drives more sales than any other marketing medium.

Another way the Prichard Copywriter can increase sales conversions is by writing sales pages (or copy) that are effective in getting the message across to the customer. This professional knows how to write copy that will be accepted by readers. For example, if the headline is powerful, the copy should have that ability. If the headline is appealing, the reader will want to read the rest of the story. The copywriter has to realize that not all of the stories he creates will be accepted by the targeted audience and that sometimes he must “chase” the customers to get them to read his story.

When working with copywriters, it is important to ensure that the technical SEO aspect is given the time and attention it deserves. The Prichard understands that the technical SEO tools and methods are the last element to give the sales copy its full advantage. Therefore, if a technical glitch appears in the copywriting process, the potential for damage to the company’s reputation as well as its sales may be greater.

Another area of concern that the Prichard Copywriter must keep in mind is to create a website that will attract the targeted market. A website that is not user-friendly, easy to navigate, and visually appealing is not going to drive any sales. Therefore, the copywriter has to know how to build the website to the specifications of the targeted consumer base.

When Prichard writing SEO content, he makes sure that the keywords that he uses have enough technical SEO power behind them to be able to produce a high search engine ranking. In fact, when the copywriter is creating the copy, he keeps in mind that most likely the consumer is not going to perform an online search. Therefore, the copy needs to focus on the consumer’s actual needs and concerns on the particular website. This way, the copywriter is making sure that the customer is not only reading about the products or services on the website, but also touching on the benefits of using the product or service. This means that the business is being made aware of the features and benefits of the item or service, which could drive more traffic to the website and increase conversion rates.

The Prichard system focuses on converting prospects to customers by using well-written SEO content articles, website copywriting and marketing strategies. However, this does not mean that there will not be any contact with the prospect at any stage. The goal is simply to turn the visitor into a buyer. If done correctly, this can increase conversion rates and revenue.