Chico copywriter

Bloggers Who Want To Sell Advertising Space And Make Money

So you have a new Chico copywriter working for you, and he’s pretty good at what he does. He’s smart, articulate and knows the business of selling. He gets the job done with great speed, and makes lots of sales for you every month. How do you keep your best sales person, your most thought leader, your best academic writer, your best blogger and all your other people in line, writing their articles and selling their ebooks?

The Chico copywriter knows the secret to selling, and he puts it in simple terms that anyone can understand. “Buy once, get paid many times.” Chico has simplified blogging into an online auction arena, where you can buy a topic, write a review, tell a friendly review about another blogs same theme or even just give a one liner review about your own blog. Anyone can then purchase your review, and if your sales are high enough, Chico will donate a portion of each sale to his favorite charity.

Chico’s strategy for making money blogging is based on the same principles used by auctioneers online. Sell at a low price, so that your buyer is attracted, and then sell even cheaper the next time round. This guarantees repeat business, and Chico knows from experience that it’s a buyer who keeps an online auctioneer going. Chico is the online equivalent of a good, used car salesman; willing to sell a top of the range vehicle for a fair price, he will keep buyers coming back again. If that isn’t a good enough formula for success, then I don’t know what is.

Many people might think that blogs are only for academic purposes or social networking, but the truth is, Chico has been responsible for helping his line of work grow. He started blogging as an academic, not because it was an easy way to make money, but because it spoke to him. Blogs were getting millions of hits, and he wanted to be involved. His passion for academic blogs and the number of people reading them inspired him to create Chico Copywriter, a blog to help academic bloggers promote themselves. He also enjoys writing about current events and sharing his own personal observations. These days, Chico spends most of his free time between blog posts being co-opted by other big name blogs.

One of the ways Chico makes money blogging is through selling advertising space. Chico has a small team of bloggers who sell ad space on their writing. Chico is happy with this arrangement because he gets a little bit of his commission for every sale made. Chico’s team consists of five people, all of whom are paid a commission on every sale they make, so imagine how much Chico can make if he had hundreds of blogs selling the same product or service online.

Chico’s blogs have also helped raise a very respectable sum for a local charity. He started selling advertising space on academic blogs, and when the sales started to pick up he added blog spots for a local school district, which ended up making him even more money. Now, Chico and his team sell advertising space on blogs belonging to the biggest school district in the San Fernando Valley.

Chico’s ability to use blogging to generate income is a talent in itself. The thing that sets him apart from most other copywriters, however, is that he never gives up. He keeps blogging, keeping his sales figures growing, and he maintains a steady stream of new articles. This consistency is what is going to help him in the long run. Chico has one of the strongest followings of any blogger online, so if he can keep that following up, he can expect to do well for himself.

The bottom line is this. Chico is a talented academic blogger who is using his knowledge to make money and promote causes he believes in. If you have the drive and desire to use your knowledge to make money online and do something good with it, this may be just what you are looking for.